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Please sort through tags for fics. The original fic list is a mess right now, (and not going to be updated anymore), so I have most of the relevant info in a newer fic list that includes current plunnies and fanart. Here's a list of crossover plunnies that are up for adoption.

Enjoy! :D

Teenagers. Ugh...
Ika is attempting to learn a song in a language she can't really read/speak for a class assignment. The rhythms are kinda funky, the melody has multiple variations between verses/choruses, and all entrances are on different off-beats. (Plus there isn't sheet music.) She has one-and-a-half days. :/

To make matters three times better, Ika's youngest brother is also not letting her practice because it's distracting him from his "homework." Ten minutes after this, he starts playing and talks through his headset much louder than she had been singing. When others ask him to quiet down for their homework, he responds rudely (often with inappropriate language) and does not comply.

How inconsiderate.

(This is not the first [or even fifteenth] time this has happened. Ika is not very happy with her youngest brother.)

(Ika also cannot take revenge because her youngest brother will resort to trashing her possessions in retaliation.)

Hmm... Been thinking about doing cosplay for the longest time now. I haven't really had the opportunity/time to try it before.

Really want to do it...

The question is: which fandom? Off the top of my head, I have: 12 Kingdoms, Zelda, xXxHOLiC, and Okami. (coughIhaveawhitedog-maybeIcandressheruptoo?)

And wow, productivity has trickled down to nearly non-existent. I'm getting old or something. D:

Fic. Finally.
Hmm. This took much too long. I started writing the base of the fic about two years ago and... never really got to finishing it. (Yes, even now.) After a while, I just decided to tweak it a little more and post what I had. I’m posting to LJ mostly for archive purposes since I’m not really that active here.

Tamaki goes back to see his friends one last time.Collapse )

I might cross-post this... later. (Wow. I’m such a procrastinator. And so very lazy.)

~ Ika

Not Happy
not amused
Moving is not fun...

Especially when both houses have to be fixed up because 1) the current house is way old, and 2) the rented house suffered while being leased to a bunch of college students...

Short story: they trashed the house. We were not happy.

So, it's up to us to fix it -- repair the broken walls, replace the broken doors, seal the broken door frames, change all the locks, scrub the floors (that have 5 months' worth of dust, dirt, mud, and spilled food all over them because the kids couldn't be bothered to learn how to use a MOP and instead walked all over the floor with their shoes on, which spread jam to all corners of the house), fix the brand new cabinet drawers they broke, amongst other things... like painting the whole thing all over because they did questionable (and maybe illegal) stuff, which covered the walls with black soot.

Some of the walls are over 30 feet high. I have no idea how those marks reached the ceiling.

I want to b*tch-slap some sense into these... imbeciles (because I don't even want to start name-calling; I might not be able to stop).

I just wish the neighbors weren't such nice people, and had called the cops to get them cited for disturbing the peace. The idiots violated many of the city codes with their partying and indecency. ("What, you mean there are *rules* about making noise? How unfair!" No, you idiots. Owning a house is not a *right* -- it is a responsibility and a privilege, and your actions are infringing upon other people's privacy and lives.)

Sigh. The previous tenant before them had given us problems too -- skipped out on payment, then booked it out of town when they couldn't pay up. They'd taken some of our things, and messed up others in the process.

(Because we don't live in a world with super powers, otherwise I would rain down retribution on them myself. Hmm... there's a thought -- my inner-self not-so-secretly wants revenge? CAN I SLAP THEM? PRETTY PLEASE?)

Anyway, I'm in for a long summer filled with doing house repairs, moving, work, and writing up my proposal/program notes. Vacation? What's that?

This Is How I Know I'm Looking for More Ways to Procrastinate
I'm thinking about making a fan music video for Zelda: Skyward Sword -- really thinking about it... really, really thinking about it...

As in: I heard "Ballad of the Goddess" for the first time today, and learned the chord progression and melody within three or four repetitions.

My fingers are itching.  But I need to focus on my school work first.

Must... Resist... The urge...

Almost... Done...
... with this semester, at least.

Now I just have to make sure I survive it.  D:

The bit of good news is that I was introduced to a composer I've never had the chance to play (Granados, how on earth did I never know you before?).  Learned (and started memorizing) the entire set of dances (approx 15 min. long) in three days' worth of practicing, which equates to three hours in my current schedule. Three.  Hours.  I have no idea how the hell I managed that.  Something is seriously wrong with me here.  I wish I could learn other stuff that quickly.

My schedule just exploded on me.

I am now working full-time at one school, part-time at another, and attending school full-time myself.  (I am working every single day of the week.)

I. am. going. to. die.

The only good thing about this semester is that I decidedwas forced (because of time constraints) to not do a recital.

Phoenix Downs, anyone?

~ Ika

You gotta love procrastination.

I keep telling myself to do things, and I never get around to doing them.  Sometimes I'm super busy as heck.  Sometimes my life just becomes crazy weird for a moment.  Sometimes I just completely forget.

Mostly, though, it's because I'm lazy.

Or, you know, I get caught up (read: obsessed) on reading about something that I just... keep reading.

It's a bad habit of mine.


Also, I hate getting sick.  My voice sounds like crap even three weeks after coming down with the wtf-this-is-the-worst-cold/flu-i-have-ever-seen experience.

~ Ika

PS  I still need new icons.  I'll get to them... someday.

Sorry.  Just had a short fangirl moment there.

My youngest brother was trying on costumes, and one of them was a pair of khaki shorts, a white button-up shirt, and a red bow-tie.  The only thing he was missing was a blue blazer.

My sister thought I was spazzing about Doctor Who similarities, but that would've required a fez, longer trousers, and a brown jacket.


~ Ika

Late Night Philosophies (01)
AKA: In Which Ika Just Rambles And Then Provides What She Hopes Is Helpful Advice For Interested Parties (note: *not* "interesting parties")

I was talking to my sister the other day about self-image and inter-personal relationships (including but not limited to: reputation, titles, communication, perceptions, identity, etc.) when I rediscovered -- or at least, re-acknowledged -- certain traits I'd cultivated over the years. Eventually, it led to a general self-assessment about the type of person I had been, am, and might be.

My thoughts on being labeled a "polymath" (though not with that word).Collapse )

Hope this helps.
~ Ika

(P.S. If you read through the whole thing, you deserve a virtual cookie. I didn't expect it to get so long -- it's a little over 2,000 words.)


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